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James Arthur surprised us all today when he stepped out onto stage with ex Fifth Harmony girl Group member Camila Cabello for a Duet version of his hit song Say You Won’t Let Go , the pair sounded beautiful Camila showed off her smooth and beautiful voice as James stunned in a black trench coat strumming the strings of his guitar and singing in perfect harmony with Camila , Stunning Performance one will will remember for a while ! Studio version maybe ?



James will be on Your Song , 9pm this Sunday 22nd October on ITV 1 don’t miss it ! ‬

The one off hour long special hosted by Emma Willis has a range of celebrity guests to perform songs for an anti bullying campaign which was filmed on Hayling Island earlier this month James Arthur is amongst other celebrity guests .

Our Idol James , the fan book created by James Arthur Fanzone a 2-3 month project read the poster below and get in contact with us via Facebook to take part !


James Arthur 29, Joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield today on This Morning , to discuss the release of his new book Back To The Boy which hits the shops tomorrow , James who had his first this morning interview in a year was looking gradient and very laid back as he opened up to Holly and Phil , James was asked by Holly how do you manage your anxiety struggles now how has it changed ? , James replied with ” the key to anxiety is to not dwell on the past or worry to much about the future and to breathe the most important thing is to control your breathing because that is where it all starts. James had lots of kind responses from his fans during the show one girl on twitter wrote ” i so needed to hear this thankyou James for being so brave” another wrote ” many people are scared to open up about mental health well done that took guts” and others tweeted how proud they was of him and how he saved them , James is often cut to shreds by the media which stirs up trouble and the trolls come out of the wood work but James handles it very well and has support from a large and growing fan base who drown out hate with love you don’t see many fan bases doing that they protect him and he sees that , the love between James and his fans is real its pure what an amazing guy he is ! there is nobody better to be an ambassador for SANE mental health than somebody who inspires millions everyday.


As we all know James was asked to be Support Act For OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour this summer which kicked off late July USA are falling in love with him James has been on so many different USA Radio Stations as well as Performing “Can I Be Him”  on Good Morning America and having his adorable face all over Times Square writing on twitter ” Look what the boy did ” it was obvious James was so proud of his achievements in the US and who wouldn’t be ! Ryan Tedder Lead Vocalist of OneRepublic has definitely took a shine to Mr Arthur as one tour date James was struck down with a nasty cold and Ryan Attempted “Say You Won’t Let Go” on behalf of James who was very happy , James Fans went into meltdown praising Mr Tedder for his kind gesture towards James . But It doesn’t stop there James flew back to the UK earlier this week Because Today he Headlines one of Britain’s  biggest festival V Fest held in Chelmsford , Essex Where he will take to the Stage to perform his big hits and Collab with Rudimental on their Top Hit “Sun Comes Up” . James sure has an exciting weekend and he is set to perform at the VMA’s on August 27th too ! Doesn’t he make you proud ?


Rudimental release banging new tune Ft James Arthur it was released at midnight and is already taking over radio stations could this song be the next number one? A Summer number 1 contender James Arthur is in high demand at the moment taking USA by storm and making an even bigger name for himself in the U.K. Way to go Mr Arthur ! You can purchase Sun Comes Up on ITunes and Google Play available to buy now .

James arrived in USA around 2 days ago for the start of one busy summer USA promotion and touring with One Republic on their Honda Civic Tour , James will however come back to the UK for V fest this summer , the 29 year old singer is set to be living out in America for 5 months as he is due to our in UK this November with X Factor pal Ella Henderson exciting times for James . yesterday he was at 106.1 BLI for an interview and sang 3 songs ! link below to see James in action




Posted by 106.1 BLI on Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

James was spotted in London with Ella Henderson yesterday who he was on the X factor with in 2012 Ella lost the sing battle against James in week 7 after he sang Alicia Keys Fallin and impressed the judges and went on to win the series, fans predicted that James and Ella had met up to discuss James Arthur’s Arena tour which takes place in November which Ella is supporting James on and the fans we not far off , James posted on twitter last night he had been in the studio with Ella joking she drew on his keyboard is this tour related or is there an X Factor siblings collab finally? with the pair having cracking voices this could be possible !